Thank you for speaking out - voices like yours are so meaningful in this conversation.

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Well written. Thank you. Great essay though be read widely.

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Jun 24, 2023Liked by Laura Becker

Thank you for this piece. It’s criminal that articles like this don’t make it to MSM. Until that point, we’ll remain stuck in this nightmare.

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Jul 14, 2023·edited Jul 14, 2023

The MSM is fully captured, as are the medical institutions, regulatory agencies etc. The same MSM was warning against the use of off label medications during covid, and ridiculing doctors who were saving lives, and doing seriously heroic work to research, network, and share information, in between saving lives and being attacked. That same MSM is just fine with off label use of much much more dangerous drugs to scramble the endocrine system of children. And to allow biological men, and biological women who are on male hormones to "chest feed" - with no regard for what those drugs and the hormones they're taking are doing to the infant.

The MSM won't give honest coverage to what goes against their narrative. They need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Covid + the trans madness gives tons of evidence. Another common thread is how terribly the injured are treated. The vaccine injured and detransitioners are treated with disdain - something that clearly diagnoses a huge moral failure in the system that told them what to do, led them to believe it was necessary, and thanked them for their participation with social praise and idolation - until they saw thru the bullshit and wanted out, or were forced out by serious injury.

When the vaccine injured and detransitioners, and those who support them, unite .. it will be a powerful force indeed.. . and it is happening ...

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Jun 22, 2023·edited Jun 22, 2023Liked by Laura Becker

Thank you so much for this piece, which exudes so much truth, especially shared with your vitally important voice. I want to also acknowledge all the pain that you have undergone, both as a young person and as an adult struggling with your identity. I am so sorry that you were closeted, and glad that you got the care you needed. You exemplify exactly the situation for which this care is vital.

AND clearly you understand - more intimately than most - the complexities surrounding this issue. Automatic affirmation and medicalization, especially for adolescents and young adults who are exploring identity by definition, and so many of whom have complex mental health issues exacerbated by the isolation of the pandemic, seems insane. Exploration should not be a dirty word.

This cohort have indeed become political footballs. I am frightened for my own kid who is hurting so much and looking for a panacea. If I thought the identity, which cropped up overnight during isolation after a deep dive on the internet and following some serious bullying sadly paired with sexual assault, was authentic I would support it. As it stands, I believe it's a coping mechanism, and am trying to help my child kick the can down the road when it comes to medicalizing. Unfortunately, even this stance is considered transphobic, and I am up against medical and academic institutions. My kid heads off to college in the fall - who knows what will happen. With the "informed consent" model in place, actually I do know. I grieve, and will be there for my beautiful kid no matter what.

It is writing like yours, though, Jane, that is like a life raft - making me feel I am not crazy or alone. Thank you so much once again.

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Jun 22, 2023Liked by Laura Becker

Thanks for sharing this guest essay! I thought it was so well written and very much centered in common sense.

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